CareAgents is a collaborative project between the University of Essex and the Korean Advanced Institute of Science & Technology - Kaist supported by funding from the Korea-UK Science and Technology Collaborathe idorm2 kitchention Fund. The general aim is to produce an innovative intelligent environment consisting of buildings populated with a mix of mobile robots and fixed building based agents. The mobile robots and building agents collaborate together to provide advanced intelligent buildings where multiple agent types support occupant needs. The work is being applied to a care-giving rehabilitation environment. Kaist have in-depth expertise in robot design & rehabilitation. They are providing the nursing, guiding and serving mobile robots. Essex are experts in intelligent-buildings and are providing the embedded-agents and intelligent-building based technology. In scientific terms such agents (both mobile and fixed) are characterized by the need to be computationally compact, operate in real-time and able to deal with large multi-parameter input sensor vectors (derived from a variety of systems both local and remote). These vectors contain high levels of non-determinacy from sources such as unpredictable physical phenomena and the actions of "humans in the loop" (with their individual and sometime idiosyncratic behaviour) all of which combine to present significant challenges to the underlying artificial intelligence methodology.
Intelligent Inhabited Environments Group, Department of Computer Science
University of Essex