Self-Organised Societies Of Connectionist Intelligent Agents capable of Learning (SOCIAL) is a three year project funded by the European Union's Information Society Technologies (IST) programme. It spans across four different European partners, the University of Essex (UK), CTI (Greece) the University of Patras (Greece) and NMRC (Ireland).
The project aims to investigate methods for engineering emergent collective behaviour in large societies of micro-nano scale collaborative autonomous agents (C.A.A.) that can learn and evolve their behaviour. The applications objective for this project is to provide platforms for online maintenance and repair of filters for organ replacement therapy systems. The project will:
  • Design a novel agent architectural design, which will serve as a blueprint for agent manufacture
  • Implement an accompanying development environment, which will facilitate the evolution of a hierarchy of complex agent architectures
  • Develop hardware technology platforms and processes encompassing high density interconnect (HDI) solutions to create tangible micro-nano agents and implement a proof-of-concept system using micro-channel networks to replicate aspects of the priority application in order to investigate in-situ behaviour of the tangible agents.
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Intelligent Inhabited Environments Group, Department of Computer Science
University of Essex